SOM TUM (PAPAYA SALAD)                                                  6.95
Raw papaya mixed with fresh tomatoes, garlic, lime juice, fresh chili and
roasted peanut

RAMA SALAD                                                                              5.95
Fresh green vegetables with peanut sauce dressing

YUM NUR                                                                                       9.95
Grilled beef tossed with fresh vegetables, lime juice, lime leaves and lemon-grass

YUM MOO (NAM SOD)                                                              6.95
Ground poodk tossed with fresh ginger, onions, lime juice and ground chili topped with
roasted peanuts

YUM GAI                                                                                        6.95
Grilled chicken tossed with ground chili and lime juice on fresh vegetables
topped with lemon-grass and lime leaves

YUM GOONG                                                                                9.95
Grilled shrimps mixed with ground chili and topped with lime leaves and
lemon-grass on fresh vegetables (available with grilled squid)

SEAWEED SALAD                                                                      5.95
Fresh seaweed spiced Japanese style on fresh green vegetables and bean sprout

SILVER SALAD                                                                            6.95
Glass noodles, peanuts, onions, pineapples, tomatoes and cucumber seasoned
with spicy lime juice

YUM VEGGIE                                                                                6.95
Green vegetables mushroom, pineapples, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper and
tofu tossed with spicy lime juice

                 CAN BE REQUEST NOT SPICY